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Why should I learn at home?

The right kind of learning at home can benefit you:

  • Improves your self-regulation – helps you manage your time, goals, focus, distractions, and personal responsibility for learning.
  • Reading online is thought to be far more complex than traditional paper-based reading
  • Increases your achievement (scores, grades or levels) and sets you up for future success.
  • Research studies repeatedly show a positive relationship between homework and student achievement
  • The skills you learn from managing and discussing your learning at home has positive impacts in your future.

For example:

  • being focussed in your job (later in life)
  • managing your money
  • looking after personal needs such as your health
  • planning for the future (getting your car licence, a passport, travelling overseas)
  • opportunities for parent (or caregiver) involvement and relationship building.
  • deepen your own understanding by sharing your learning with your family, as well as help keeping your parents or whānau informed
When should I use the tasks on this site?
  • When you have not been set any home learning
  • You have completed set work quickly (30 minutes or less)
  • You want to be further challenged
  • You want to do interesting learning activities during school holidays.
What are the types of learning tasks on this site?

You can Go Wider and Deeper, or Do Something Smarter. These activities will be available on the site later in 2019! Please check back soon.