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Strategies for Tauira/Students

Reaching Out

Which of your classmates can you ask or discuss this with online?

  • If you are getting frustrated even after refining their search try encouraging a new approach such as online collaboration
  • Try digital tools designed for collaboration. Your classmates are often online in the afternoons and evenings doing school learning
  • Find out from your teacher which programmes or apps they use and which ones the school recommends

Online Classroom

What other lessons can you review from your class site? Did you do this learning in previous years?

  • Your personal learning folders and blogs are important portfolios of your learning.  Teachers take time to ensure that you have reference notes, worksheets and links to digital resources that explain and provide examples of your learning.
  • Sometimes, you just need prompting to go back to these resources when you are stuck!

Read for Enjoyment

Reading should be fun

Choose authors and topics that you enjoy

Use your digital skills to find out about authors and their latest books

Find other authors that write in the same style or genre that interests you

Ask your local librarian to recommend new books for you to try

Share your favourite books / authors with your own friends

Keep up to date with current events and local news

Remember reading doesn’t always have to be fiction

Explore topics that interest you using different types of media.


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