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Link to the following web page about strategies for language learning and read the table on what the learner should do to become familiar with a new topic and the technical words of the topic. There are four key points.

Think of learning you have had to do this week that required you to know some technical words or language. For example, in maths you could be learning the different triangle types or in science the differences between solids, liquids and gasses.

Use Google Calendar to plan to do the four key points yourself to learn this topic more deeply. Plan to do this task over 4 days: one day for each task. If you are not sure how to plan do the Google calendar activity on the ‘Do Something Smarter’ tab.

Use to record each of the 4 steps of your planned learning: For example, the first key point asks you to ‘think about what you already know’ so you might want list all your current knowledge of the topic, or do something more creative to show your current knowledge.

When you have finished invite two classmates to log into the Actively Learn site and comment on your four key learning points [They should leave comments and ‘likes’]