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Learning Tasks: Go Wider and Deeper_Original

Choose these activities if you would like to strengthen your understanding of your classwork. These are good for revision, helping you to think deeper and look wider with your learning@home.

The tasks can be based on your choice of:
◊ Work you have covered in class today
◊ Work you have done in class before that you know you need to go back over
◊ Work that will help you prepare for a test, exam or assessment

How do I Go Wider and Deeper with my Learning?

Many students think that getting ‘smarter’ or doing better in school means more studying (for some, just getting down to doing the studying is a headache!). But understanding and remembering your learning is not just about going over the same work again and again. Not only can this approach become really boring, it doesn’t help you deepen what you know, how well you know it or how to remember for longer.

For this reason we have designed a ‘wider and deeper plan’ so you can think of yourself as more of a designer and informer of what you know – showing and sharing your learning in new ways that can also help others to learn. As a designer or informer, not only will your learning be deepened, but it will be far more enjoyable and memorable.

Introducing the ‘Wider and Deeper Plan’

There are only three things for you to do to go ‘Wider and Deeper’:

  1. Choose one task from the plan to do a day for a week. But three tasks must be above the line and two must be below the line.
  2. Make a copy of the plan to your Google drive in a folder called Wider and Deeper and name the file ‘Wider and Deeper Plan’ with the week and term number. As you select and do the tasks you have chosen form the plan, shade in the task square to keep track of what you have completed. This is being ‘goal focussed’ by tracking what you have achieved.  At the end of the week you should have shaded in 5 tasks out of the possible 15 to show a teacher, parent, or post to your blog to showcase what you have achieved.
  3. When you get to the end of ‘Wider and Deeper Plan’ for the third week, go back to the tasks of the First Week’s Plan. Choose tasks you haven’t done the next time around.

Let’s get started!

Click here to view the learning tasks.