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Learning Tasks: Do Something Smarter

Choose these activities if you want learn about new things. “Do Something Smarter” tasks introduce you to new strategies in your learning@home which are based on helping you become more skilled in critical thinking, literacy and cyber “smartness.” You are going be challenged to see yourself more as a critic and designer as you create and review (or critique) your own content, and the online content of others.

As a designer and critic of online content, not only will your learning be far more interesting as you think more deeply and have fun creating, it also means you are more likely to transfer skills to other areas of your learning.

Introducing the “Do Something Smarter” Goals

The “Do Something Smarter” tasks are divided into individual projects that are each designed to last a week. The tasks for each weekly project require a greater amount of organisation by you that will include:

1. Firstly, reading through a project to get the ‘gist’ (or general meaning).
2. Dividing up the project tasks for the week into chunks for timetabling into your Google calendar. For example, on a Monday scan through the tasks and create events in your calendar to keep you on track to finish by the end of the week.

Let’s get started!

Click here to start the Do Something Smarter learning tasks.