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Imagine you are an online moderator for a website called What does a moderator of a website do? Check it out first.

Then search online for a video that links to a learning topic you were focussing on in class today (or that you need to revise) and imagine it needs to be vetted or checked by you as the moderator before publishing on the Tutor-pedia website. The videos on the Tutor-pedia website are designed to help students with their learning. Imagine students go to the website for extra tutoring.

Find a video (or animation) that does a pretty bad job of explaining something related to your learning in school at the moment. You will need to do a search and watch a few videos to find one that is not so good at explaining the topic of learning you have chosen.

Design a rejection form, with screen shots (from the video) to make comments or notes (annotate) about at least three of the following:

– Not enough detail

– No example(s) given

– Missing information

– No links from last point to the next point

– The student won’t know what this means

– Prior knowledge? how do you know the student has this knowledge already?

Use arrows with a brief comment (annotate) to explain how to correct the problems with the video. For example, you provide the information that is missing or suggest how the particular information could be broken down to help students understand the ideas better.

Post a graphic indicating what star rating you give the video at the end.

Recommendation: Collaborate on this task with an classmate online using chat or email and then discuss your reviews of the same video. Did you agree/disagree? Why?

Share the rejection form you have created with a parent/caregiver to explain to them how you and your friend think the video should be changed to improve the learning for other students. Question them on them what they have learnt.