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Arrange to use Google Chat, Community or Hangouts (if you are 13+) to meet up with a classmate online.

Discuss and then agree on some learning that you want to revise together to ‘Go wider and deeper’. For example, you may have recently learnt about:

-triangles in maths (different types and how to calculate missing angles)

-photosynthesis in science

-complex and compound sentences in literacy

Use the ‘archive’ or recording feature in the chat app to make a record of your online conversation.

Use the following conversation prompts to talk about the topic by offering your own points of view. You do not have to agree with your partner, rather the purpose of this exercise is to challenge their thinking: [Note: You are not limited to the prompts given below – these are just to help get a conversation going]

1. The reason I think we are learning about ….. is ….

2. The part I found confusing/difficult/challenging about this learning was….

3. What do you think about ….(insert a part of this learning you would like to make clearer)

4. It would help someone new to this learning to think about….(offer a strategy or easier way of thinking about the learning)

5. I would like the teacher to ….

Make screenshots of any parts of the conversation where you learnt something interesting or where there was some good discussion between you and your partner.

Paste these into a Google Doc or other app where you can make comments about the conversation. Use the following three prompts to add coloured comments to the conversation:

-This is a good idea because…

-I disagree with ….. because

We need to find out more about ….

Discuss the points you made in the Google doc with a parent/caregiver. Send the document to your teacher for any further discussion.