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Collect Task

Inside a toy museum. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

In this task you are going to imagine you are a curator of a museum or gallery.

A curator looks after choice or culturally valued pieces of art or other collectable items. The items in the collection often represent a particular time in history or artistic style.

Using a slide or doc, design a room in a museum with a range of multimedia items to create an exhibition of a learning topic you have done in class. Go on the hunt to find the best possible collectable items about the topic to display inside your exhibition. You must include the following multimedia links that altogether present the best there is to know on the topic:

  1. A video
  2. An article – annotate and highlight the key ideas in the article you choose. List these keywords at the bottom of your room as search terms.
  3. A gallery of photos
  4. Create a ‘Did you know?’ corner to find and display three sources of new (or not well known) facts about the topic – facts that even you were not aware of. Tip: Corroborate your facts by checking with at least two other reliable sources to make sure the information is accurate.
  5. Share your exhibition with parents or a caregiver and then question them about what they have learned.