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Create your own DLO or digital learning object (slide show, animation, slowmation) that breaks down a learning topic or concept into easy to understand stages. You may want to focus on something at school you are still having difficulty understanding yourself. Imagine you are creating the DLO for a student who is new to the class and missed the initial teaching. Use any multi-media tools or apps you like: Google presentations, animation, Skype recording, Movie Maker, pod-cast or the like.

Then design a short online survey on Survey Monkey or Google Forms  that can be used as a test of how well your DLO teaches someone else. For example, if your learning topic was about the phases of the moon, questions in your survey could include:

Image: Phases of the moon*


– What do you understand by the term “phases of the moon”?

– What does “phases” mean to you?

– List any of the phases you can remember from my presentation:

– Why do you think the moon goes through these phases during the month?

– What is the main cause of the phases?

– There is a myth that people’s behaviour get affected by a full moon. Explain if you believe this or not and why.

Show a parent, older sibling or friend your DLO. Important: Let the DLO do the teaching – don’t try and explain at the same time!

Then ask the person to take your survey. Read their answers or give them a mark to show how well they did. Discuss with them afterwards, how you could improve your DLO as a learning tool for others. If you are pleased with the results, post your digital learning object to your student class blog or class learning community for other to benefit from the learning.

*Phases of the Moon. Digital Image. Pixabay 2015. Free vector graphic: Reproduced under CCO license: